There are many shades of green, especially when discussing green values and consumers. Here are some of the most common “green consumers”.
Economizers: Those who are interested in saving on operating costs through resource management.

Investors: Individuals interested in life-cycle cost analysis and the value proposition of various green features.

Health Conscious: Those who are interested in the potential health benefits of green living.

Idealists: Those who think a green philosophy of conservation of resources for future generations is a social responsibility. Individuals that are truly committed to and passionate about a green philosophy.

Lifestyle-Focused: Those who think that living by overall sustainability principles contributes to a more meaningful and comfortable personal lifestyle. Individuals that are supportive of an overall green philosophy and living a green lifestyle.

Eco-Chic: Those who are interested in the status and prestige of green living.

Skeptical/Unaware: Those who are skeptical of the green hype or are unaware of the benefits of green homes and buildings.