"Now, more than ever, buyers are looking for a sense of community", said Fred Balda. "Incorporating innovative amenities, outdoor spaces, natural features and a lifestyle calendar full of events and gatherings creates opportunities for interaction and connection among neighbors. That connection forms the foundation for family and friends to enjoy life to its fullest."

Hillwood Communities continues to win awards for their innovative master-planned residential and mixed-use developments.

From the moment I drove into the Pecan Square development I knew it was a place I could easily imagine raising my children. I am a city girl through and through and I love the convenience of being close to lots of amenities. However I deeply desire a place to let my children safely roam and explore.  I grew up in a small subdivision in Richardson, TX called Canyon Creek. It was a safe and close nit neighborhood that the children roamed the streets hanging with the other neighborhood kids. Our parents rested assured their kids would come home safely as dusk approached. 

Now 30 years later, I have a small family of my own. We live close to a school and have a small community but safety is a concern. We live next to a fast paced road with narrow sidewalks. I desire an open environment with large trees and plenty of space to let my kids ride around on their bikes exploring with their friends.

Hillwood Communities nailed this positive intention with both Harvest and Pecan Square.

I have mentioned in other posts that the greenest thing you can do is to build a life you love. The greenest house you can buy is one you want to stay in. This developer gets it. The builders they have brought in get it. 

Pecan Square's website calls this development "a story about the American Dream, rediscovered and reinterpreted. Where people will gather to share the very best local foods, music and crafts... It's about families growing. Friendships forming. Lives evolving. A community blossoming".

Harvest's website says it beautifully, "From the ground up, Harvest has been purposefully designed with endless ways to bring family, friends, and neighbors together. It’s the ideal combination of hometown nostalgia and future-focused planning – and it’s waiting for you to put down roots."

These kind of values definitely have my attention. What about you?

If you're interested in what else Hillwood is up to take a look at their newsletter here.

DALLAS – (April 12, 2022) – Hillwood Communities, the award-winning master-planned residential and mixed-use developer based in Dallas, was honored with 10 McSAM Awards during a ceremony hosted by the Dallas Builders Association on April 9th at the Renaissance Addison Hotel. Topping the list of awards, Hillwood Communities was selected as the Dallas-Fort Worth Developer of Year for the fourth time in seven years. In addition, the developer also achieved second consecutive year wins in the categories of Master-Planned Community of the Year, People’s Choice Community of the Year, Best Community Amenity, Lifestyle Director of the Year, and Lifestyle Program of the Year.