I experienced the worst day a pet owner can have this weekend.  The day I had to send my dog to heaven.  Fortunately, my Sugar dog had a long healthy life and lived for 15 good years.  While grieving, the songs Smile by Jimmy Durante and Young At Heart by Frank Sinatra played randomly on Pandora and it had me thinking  “I’d like those songs played at my funeral”.  While planning my funeral, I also mentioned that I didn’t want my a conventional burial but liked the idea of being cremated and planted with a tree.  This is a real possibility!  A company I researched, Bios Urns is shifting the possibility to life after life.  With the vast amounts of death in the future and the lack of trees in the present, this sounds like a brilliant idea to me.

I wish I had researched this a week earlier too because they also do pet tree urns to honor your past pet friend in a whole different way.