Dallas Real Estate Services


Considering all the variables involved when purchasing a home, it’s vital to have an objective professional to facilitate the transaction. If you value your sanity please hire one of our licensed professionals to assist you.


Green Home Residential is the best option to market your home for top value.  We are transition specialists and experts in facilitating the process to make your property stand out in the crowd. Improving the property’s performance and desirability will attract today’s evolved home buyer.


We tour hundreds of properties per year, see the latest trends, and know which areas give the best ROI. Let us help you set and reach your renovation goals while adding value and improving the energy efficiency, indoor air quality and/or other conservation efforts of your choice.

Green Home Residential Helps Build Dreams!

There are so many decisions when building a house. How are you to know which to choose? It starts with the right questions. That’s why its best to hire one of our trustworthy professionals to look after your best interests and your biggest financial investment. Regardless whether you are looking to find a production builder in a new development or a custom builder on an open lot, we are your right choice.  When you allow Green Home Residential to navigate you through the wild waters of building a house you will achieve the highest return on your investment and rest happily knowing that we transformed dirt into a house into your home!

We Treasure Our Clients

Our reputation is based on exceeding expectations and delivering environmentally conservative solutions that fit your financial needs. Our most valuable assets are our clients and we know when we provide them exceptional service, we’ve created a true winning strategy!