I can’t praise Stephanie enough when it comes to being the best decision I made when I first decided to buy a house. It was Stephanie’s vast knowledge of real estate in the North Dallas area, specifically Richardson and Plano, which initially convinced me she was the best realtor for me. But what I got was a lot more than just her knowledge and time. What I thought would be an extremely stressful several months in my life, turned out to be a very positive, educational and exciting time for me as Stephanie took all the stress and worry off of me and redirected it into a positive and promising experience. When I felt I had exhausted all the real estate available to me in the area I was dead set on, Stephanie took the time to look outside of that scope and personally handpicked houses in areas equally attractive to me that I had not considered previously. Thanks to Stephanie, I found my dream home in an area I love even more than what I thought I wanted when I first started. I can also praise Stephanie for saving the deal and making it happen by being creative and thinking outside the box when the sellers were not budging and FHA was being extremely difficult. Stephanie definitely went above and beyond as my Realtor in all realms of her duties. I also need to mention that her thoroughness and attention to details in the contract protected me and saved me a lot of grief and money in the end. Without a doubt, I would recommend her as a Realtor/Broker to anyone looking for a home. Her clients will receive the utmost level of professionalism, prudence, persistence, patience and a positive experience. Natalia M.