About Us

A Virtual Brokerage

Living in today’s age of technology it’s imperative to be mobile and digital for our client’s convenience.  We travel to you and utilize an electronic signing app to reduce unnecessary time and paper waste keeping you up to date via your preferred method!

Forward Thinking

We’re in uncharted territory in this fast paced real estate market. Its crucial to have people working with you that can think outside the box and find creative solutions to achieve your desired outcome!

Problem Solvers

Looking at all angles and finding solutions is the name of our game!  You can expect us to think quick on our feet and solve problems as they come!

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our attentiveness to our client’s needs and provide optimal customer service.  We are happy to support you with any real estate need that comes up in the process!

Our Story

Green Home Residential is a Dallas-based real estate brokerage that opened in 2010. Although we love granite counter tops and hard wood floors we also understand there is more to a home than the aesthetics. We saw a need and unknown desire for green, sustainable, and high performance homes.

Green Home Residential is pioneering consumer advocacy for a sustainable approach to living in real estate.

We understand that the selling and purchasing of real estate is often a huge life decision. We are honored to educate and facilitate our clients through the real estate process and enjoy adding more value to their lives. Whether you are an investor, you currently live in a property that needs an innovative and cost effective approach to selling, or interested in upgrading your lifestyle by purchasing a new home, we can help!

Call us with your renovation goals too.

Stephanie Stuer

Stephanie Stuer

Real Estate Broker

Stephanie was raised in Richardson, where her parents operated a family real estate business. Playing as a child, she would pretend to run the business and show houses. When the opportunity presented itself early in her adult life to enter the real estate world, it made sense. After working a few years in commercial real estate she decided to get licensed and transition to residential real estate in 2007. Shortly after, we entered the worst real estate market experienced in the US. It was obvious to Stephanie that the business as usual model was not going to work the same way anymore. While many real estate professionals left the business, Stephanie began listening to builders and developers discuss the science of building and learned tremendously about the construction of homes. She recognized when smarter design ideas are implemented and a more thoughtful process is utilized, the performance of the home improves and functions better. The term is called a high performance home. Stephanie also noticed that when looking at a green home next to a non-green house, the naked eye wouldn’t necessarily see the difference.

This is when Stephanie Stuer decided she would get her broker’s license and open the first real estate brokerage in north Texas to specialize in green and sustainable homes. At that time, the only green homes you could find were close to a million dollars and up in Dallas.  Things have improved much since then and the consumers have greatly caught on to their purchasing power and expect more in performance and features now.

Stephanie is a licensed real estate broker in Texas and has received her GREEN designation from the National Association of Realtors. Stephanie has also been featured on HGTV’s, My First Place and WFAA’s, Good Morning Texas.

Career Opportunities

We are looking for uniquely talented team members and real estate specialists that are interested in standing out in the crowd. Since you are not a cookie, we don’t have a cookie cutter approach to success. We prefer to help you succeed by empowering you to find and become the best version of yourself as possible. When our people are happy we know our clients will be too! Contact us if you believe in the power of a sustainable future and want to help people get there through the real estate process!

Stephanie at Green Home Residential is the premier Realtor in the DFW region. She knows the business down to every detail, not to mention she grew up and lives in the area giving her exceptional insight on the market, the activities, and the schools. Her communication is fast and accurate, and as an out of area buyer with a two hour time difference she consistently kept me updated and in the loop on each part of the home buying process. As the business name suggests, Stephanie lives by the code that is planet-conscious and is able to provide that unique perspective to the buyer when desired. She is adaptable and flexible with time which was an immense help during the two very short trips I was able to make to the area, and we saw over 30 homes during those trips. Additionally she video recorded another ten homes and provided the data for me to decide if they were worth seeing in person which greatly enhanced the effectiveness of my trips. Overall, out of the three homes I’ve purchased in my life, this one was by far the most dynamic market and Stephanie is THE reason I have a home now that I love.

Ruth K.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephanie throughout my first time home buying process. As a real estate broker myself, it is not often that you find a hard working and genuine person such as Stephanie, that is willing to go above and beyond her role with the buyers best interest in mind. Stephanie clearly explained each step in the process and continued to assist with anything I asked of her, even after the closing. Stephanie’s work ethic and attention to detail resulted in a successful transaction and a home that I will be happy with for many years to come. I am very comfortable contacting her with any questions or concerns and would confidently recommend her services to my friends.

Brandon K.

Stephanie, Wow, Just like you warned us, it has been quite an experience!  We can’t tell you enough how thankful we are for all that you’ve done for us.  From keeping us motivated when we wanted to give up and for driving us all over the place, to introducing us to all the exciting and cool parks & activities, to walking up and down neighborhoods asking people to sell us their home!

You have been a great Realtor/ Broker & friend.  And I love that you’re “green” like me!  If there is ever anyone looking to buy or sell their home, we will give them your info without hesitation!

Tracy E.

Stephanie was referred to us by our friends who were just as impressed with her dedication, experience and patience as were were. We actually switched agents to Stephanie, and it was immediately apparent how much more involved and attentive she was. We were so grateful to have someone we could trust and take the stress out of first home buying experience and turn it into something enjoyable.  I strongly recommend her not only for her knowledge and experience but also for the genuine affection and devotion she has for her clients!

Emily P.